Hydrologic Conditions

Hydrologic conditions are key drivers of the challenges facing the water industry.  Precipitation, rainfall and runoff foretell whether water supplies are plentiful or sparse.  The status of water storage in reservoirs portend whether supplies will be sufficient to meet water demands or water shortages are on the horizon.

Hydrologic Conditions provides current information on key indicators of the bounty from Mother Nature:

  • Colorado River Basin: current elevations in Lake Mead and Lake Powell, current forecasts from the Bureau of Reclamation 24-Month studies and the annual and monthly historical elevations
  • California: reservoir storage in the State Water Project and the federal Central Valley Project and precipitation in the northern California watershed
  • Drought Conditions: latest assessments of current and long-term conditions throughout the west and United States

We assemble charts on conditions driving the availability of water supplies and provide occasional commentary.


Colorado River Basin




Drought Conditions