Why a Specialized Information Service?

The internet (powered by 21st century technology) has revolutionized how we receive analysis, research, data, commentary and news.  More than a decade ago, news arrived on your doorstep, research studies were distributed by print journals, and meetings had to be attended in person.  We obtained information in accordance with someone else’s schedule.

Today, we live in a “wired world”.  Studies are often immediately available online.  Organizations have websites for press releases, staff documents and board presentations.  Meetings are webcasted.  News aggregators amass water news.  Online commentary has exploded with blogs that expand the terrain of policy discourse.

Our world has been transformed from information-starved to information-overloaded.  How do you identify, sort and organize available information?  Distinguish between the important and the unimportant?  Assess what it means?

The Journal of Water uses 21st century information technology to save you time, making quality information available at your fingertips and providing exclusive content critical to the management of water resources.


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What is a specialized information service?
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Why a specialized information service?

Why Information Services IconWhile information is easily obtained, there is a problem of profusion. Our services provide a solution.

How does the Journal of Water work?
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