Hydrologic Conditions: Texas, January 2016

San Antonio Pool

The J-17 Well elevation continues to increase, mirroring the historical trend (see chart). Stage 1 restrictions have since been removed pursuant to EAA’s November 10 announcement that applicable triggers for Stage 1 no longer exist.

The pool was in a critical management period most of 2015. Heavy rain and flooding in the spring provided a two-month respite from all pumping restrictions. But Stage 1 restrictions were imposed at the end of June. In mid-August, EAA announced a return to Stage 2 restrictions, which require all permit holders in the pool to reduce their annual authorized pumping by 30%. Will conditions continue to follow the historical trend and increase over the fall and winter?


J-17 San Antonio well (Jan 2016)-WEB



Uvalde Pool

The J-27 Well continues its climb toward the historical average (see chart). Heavy rains and flooding last spring marked the beginning of a turnaround that brought the pool from Stage 5 restrictions at the beginning of last year to the eventual lifting of all pumping restrictions. Prior to EAA lifting all pumping restrictions in early August, the Uvalde Pool had been under some level of restriction since March 2013.

With the historical trend suggesting a slight increase in elevation over the fall and winter months, will the J-27 Well elevation meet its historical average this winter?


J-27 Uvalde well (Jan 2016) WEB