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About Us

Journal of Water is a quarterly publication providing in-depth analysis of water market activity and water policy developments in the Colorado River Basin, Texas and throughout the Southwest.

The Journal of Water (powered by Stratecon) has been in circulation since 2013 and is the successor to Water Strategist, which Stratecon published for 23 years. For a quarter century, water professionals have relied on us to provide unique insights on the key events shaping water policy. Journal of Water draws upon the team’s intellectual capital, decades of experience and specialized expertise in western water to report and analyze water prices and market trends throughout the west. With an eye on politics, law, policy, economics, hydrology and science, we scrutinize developments in Congress, state legislatures, courts and regulatory agencies to provide analysis on issues with a wide and lasting impact. We evaluate information critical for the management of water resources and provide it to our subscribers quarterly.

Journal of Water and its predecessor Water Strategist, have been guiding decision makers on the significance of water markets, finance, legislation, litigation and policy for the allocation of water resources in the west for more than 25 years. Our audience includes general managers and chief counsel of water authorities, city water departments, regional water authorities, developers, agricultural organizations, legislators, bond counsel, water lawyers, investment bankers, water brokers, financial institutions, environmental associations, tribal authorities, state attorney general offices, land development companies, as well as libraries in State Supreme Courts, law schools, universities, Congress and public resource agencies.


The Journal of Water Editorial Board:

Editor: Rodney T. Smith, Ph.D, President, Stratecon Inc.
Managing Editor: Marta Casper, Director of Research, Stratecon Inc.


About Stratecon:
Stratecon Inc. is a strategic planning and economics consulting firm specializing in water. We provide advisory services in the acquisition of water rights throughout the western United States and in the sale and leasing of water rights and water supplies to public and private sector water users, as well as provide proprietary research services, and expert testimony. Stratecon brings together the disciplines of economics, finance, natural resource management and law to develop innovative solutions to commercial and public water policy issues.  Please visit to learn more.