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Capital Markets 

Desalination Firm Analysis of stock prices for CWCO
Exchange Traded Funds Analysis of Stock Prices for PHO, FIW, CGW and PIO
Resource Development Firms Analysis of Stock Prices for CDZI and PICO
Water Utilities Analysis of Stock Prices for AWR, AWK, CWT and SJW

Colorado River Basin

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Elsewhere in the Southwest

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Hydrologic Conditions

Colorado River Basin Analysis of the Bureau of Reclamation’s 24-Month Study and Current and Historical Storage Conditions in Lake Mead and Lake Powell
Texas Analysis of Well Elevations in the Edwards Aquifer J-17 and J-27 Monitoring Wells
Elsewhere in the Southwest Analysis of Storage Levels in California’s Lake Oroville

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Trading Water

Market Indicators  Tracking of water trading in selected areas in the west to provide insight into the diversity of economic value of water and trends
Transaction Analysis Periodic analysis of the underlying economics and policy issues in the marketplace
Transaction Spotlight Extensive discussion and analysis of groundbreaking transactions that offer important lessons in understanding the trading of water