Arkansas Basin Roundtable Requests Grant for SWAM Planning Analysis Software

The Arkansas Basin Roundtables requested a grant of $100,000 from The Colorado Water Conservation Board in the Water Supply Reserve Account in order to fund Arkansas Basin Implementation Plan—Modeling and Shortage Analysis. Within this plan, a new modeling system, Simplified Water Allocation Model (SWAM), will depict how water use fluctuations in one area of the Arkansas River Basin will affect water flows in other parts. The purpose of SWAM is to discover and analyze possible water shortages, as well as revisit hydrologic models of the basin, by looking at the changes of water use of municipalities, industries, agriculture and recreation compared to various precipitation conditions.

SWAM is a modeling software intended for planning analysis. It can be used by a wide range of users on small budget studies and even provide a long-term hydrologic record over a set amount of time. SWAM gathers demand nodes, water rights, reservoirs, instream flow constraints, transbasin imports, networked tributaries and simplified operations in order to analyze water balance throughout various aspects of one body of water.

Written by Stratecon Staff