Ruling on SNWA pipeline projects draws reactions

In the wake of the recent court ruling holding that the Nevada State Engineer did not adequately investigate the impact that Southern Nevada Water Authority’s plan to pump groundwater from four eastern Nevada valleys would have on other water users, commentary has surfaced from interests within Nevada and Utah, where there has been strong opposition to the project due to potential impacts in the Snake Valley.

Representing the agricultural interests in the eastern Nevada valleys, the Nevada Farm Bureau applauds the decision, citing the organization’s policies against transporting water out of the basin of origin and requiring monitoring.  Read the commentary in the Elko Daily Free Press

While Utah, has been staunchly opposed to the pipeline project, the editorial board of the Salt Lake Tribune takes are different direction and argues that population growth and climate change will lead to pressure on water supplies with or without large-scale projects like the SNWA pipeline project.  They cite some of the extraordinary conservation measures implemented in Las Vegas as the model to follow.  Read the editorial

Written by Marta Weismann