GBRA Buys Vintage San Marcos River Water Rights

At its meeting on February 17, 2016, the Guadalupe–Blanco River Authority (“GBRA”) Board of Directors unanimously approved the purchase of two water rights totaling approximately 30 AF per year.

The rights have priority dates of September 1895 and May 1905. According to GBRA General Manager Bill West, Jr., having rights that old means that GBRA will have standing “in almost any water right issue that comes up on the San Marcos River.”

The rights were sold by the family of the late Ed Cape, a former GBRA general manager, through their firm Thornton Family Investments, L.P.

The contract for the purchase is currently being processed. Payment will follow shortly after processing is completed. The purchase price is $8,500/AF.


Written by Marta L. Weismann