Hydrologic Conditions: Texas, August 2015

Edwards Aquifer

San Antonio Pool

Edwards J-17 San Antonio - August 2015

The deluge of rain in south Texas has ceased, and the San Antonio Pool of the Edwards Aquifer is feeling the impact.  The J-17 Well elevation quickly fell below the historical average, and after a two-month respite from all pumping restrictions, Stage 1 restrictions were imposed. Will the elevation continue to decline triggering additional pumping restrictions?

Uvalde Pool

Edwards J-27 Uvalde - August 2015

The elevation of the J-27 Well has continued its dramatic ascent moving from Stage 5 restrictions to Stage 2 restrictions over the month of June. Stage 5 restrictions expired on June 4, 2015, followed by the expiration of Stage 4 restrictions on June 8, 2015.  Stage 3 restrictions were lifted on June 22, 2015, with a warning that a return to Stage 3 restrictions is likely if rainfall decreases.   At the end of July, the well elevation was at the Stage 2 trigger. There is no Stage 1 trigger for the Uvalde Pool—so increasing above the Stage 2 trigger for the requisite amount of time would lead to EAA lifting all pumping restrictions for the pool, which happened on August 4, 2015. The Uvalde Pool had been under some level of restriction since March 2013.