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Letter from the Editor


Thank you for your continued interest in Journal of Water.

The water industry continues to present issues that are ripe for attention, analysis, and action. With precipitation this winter improving hydrologic conditions throughout the west, conversations have turned to developing resilient water supply and water quality, especially contamination by “forever chemicals” and microplastics; management of groundwater and the connection to surface water sources continues; and California WaterFix has officially been stopped and work is starting to define a smaller successor project.

With that in mind, we bring you the 2019 Winter Issue, in which JOW continues to focus on water prices throughout the west while bringing you vital insight on significant events shaping water policy.

In the issue, JOW spotlights transactions to help Arizona implement the Lower Basin DCP, show continuing trading of Type 2 rights and long-term storage credits in Arizona, document trends in leases of agricultural water in California, and meet permit obligations in Rio Rancho, New Mexico.

JOW Corner covers the details and completion of the Upper and Lower Basin Drought Contingency Plans, latest action on SNWA’s proposed groundwater development project, and Utah’s draft regional M&I water conservation goals.

And in Then & Now, JOW looks back at the early development of the public trust doctrine and how the doctrine is implemented in different parts of the west now.

We hope you enjoy this issue of the Journal of Water.





Rodney T. Smith


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