Northern Water Holds Auction for Regional Pool Program Water

The Northern Colorado Water Conservancy District (“Northern Water”) held a sealed-bid auction to lease 15,000 AF through the Regional Pool Program (“RPP”) in March. There were twelve successful bids at prices ranging from $126/AF to $165/AF, with a weighted average price of $134.88/AF. Lessees must use the water for beneficial purposes in Northern Water’s boundaries, but they do not have to be Colorado–Big Thompson (“CBT”) Project allottees.

Entities contributing water to the Regional Pool will be paid the weighted average price less an administrative fee. To cover costs, Northern Water assesses an administrative fee of $1.50/AF on the first 10,000 AF of RPP water leased in a year. Any additional RPP water leased in the same year incurs an administrative fee of $0.50/AF.

The RPP is related to Northern Water’s Annual Carryover Program. Northern Water allocates water by account, and each account entity can carryover a defined amount of water from one water year to the next. The carryover, however, must be certified. The RPP provides a means to reallocate excess and uncertified carryover water, but it can only be used when CBT Project reserves exceed 200,000 AF and can be no more than 62,000 AF in one year.


Written by Marta L. Weismann