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State Rep Calls on Texans to Conserve

Texas has recently received attention for bold actions in response to the drought.  The City of Wichita Falls is at the forefront of wastewater reuse efforts, and the state recently passed Proposition 6, which will fund water supply projects to the tune of $27 billion dollars over the next 50 years.

Texas Representative Marisa Márquez says the benefits from Prop 6-funded projects will take a decade to appear, so short-term action is needed.  She recommends a set of simple household adjustments—watering early or late in the day, check faucets and hoses for leaks, use mulch to retain moisture, and so on—that could make a big difference in the aggregate.  The alternative, she says, are economically damaging mandatory water restrictions and rationing.

While the public may need some nudging to fully embrace conservation efforts, many major stakeholders in the state have recognized its importance.  Many of the conservation tips Márquez describes were compiled by a group called Texas Water Smart, which is a coalition of public officials and agencies, private companies, and academic institutions.  Among its members are a majority of the state’s legislators, businesses including Home Depot and Scotts Miracle-Gro, county judges, water managers, and more.  Such broad buy-in is a cause for hope that the conservation message will sink in.

Read Rep. Marquez’s comments in the El Paso Times.

Written by Stratecon Staff