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Historical Background for Truckee River Surface Water Rights

A policy that requires developers in the Reno metropolitan area to dedicate necessary water to Truckee Meadows Water Authority (“TMWA”) or Washoe County in order to receive water service for their developments has created a market for Truckee River surface water rights. A consolidation of TMWA and Washoe County’s water department is on the fast track, and soon TMWA will be the major water utility in the region.

 When developers dedicate surface water to TMWA, they pay a one-time water meter retro fit fee of $1,830/AF.  In addition, they must dedicate 1.11 AF for each 1 AF of demand under an adjusted yield system that TMWA implemented to meet watershed needs.  Developers may also dedicate groundwater, though historically prices have varied widely.  Truckee River water rights trade at prices that depend on several factors, including water quality, location, and urban growth in the area.